Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me if We're Gonna Be Besties

One of my new favorite Bloggers, Little Miss Momma shared her post "Things You Should Know if We're Gonna Be BFF" just a few days ago and encouraged other bloggers to join in as well. So here goes my first link up. YAY!!

So if we're gonna be besties you should know...

  1. I can't spell 
  2. I played softball for 7 years and refuse to as an adult because I am scared of the ball hitting me
  3. My favorite candy is Peanut M&M's
  4. I hate chewy candy i.e. Hot Tamales
  5. I met my husband online 10 years ago and I wasn't even trying 
  6. I have the mouth of a Sailor
  7. I have never broken a bone and always wanted a cast as a kid
  8. I am the messiest Virgo ever
  9. My pet peeves are when people leave cabinet doors open and when they don't place a new bag after emptying out the trash
  10. I always wanted to be a teacher, but was too lazy to go to school for it
  11. My first concert ever was Janet Jackson (Velvet Rope Tour) circa 2001
  12. I don't like anyone's dog, but my own
  13. I forgive too easily
  14. I am SUPER competitive, but only with strangers and people I don't like
  15. I would choose a trip to Disneyland over Vegas in a heart beat
  16. I could eat Chipotle morning, noon, and night
  17. I'd rather eat a huge back of tortilla chips and guac than a dessert
  18. I pride myself in completing my Christmas shopping weeks sometimes months in advance
  19. I'm a HUGE Baseball fan. Go Giant's!
  20. I love the color coral          

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