Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bump Style

My wardrobe is beginning to become very limited. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and my pre-pregnancy clothes can only stretch so far. LOL
I've been in maternity pants for a while now. Probably since week 14-16? But for the most part all my tops are non maternity stretchy or loose blouse tops. 
I've gone to Pinterest a few times for inspiration. Here are some of my "pinspiration" looks...

 SOURCE of inspiration
My flannel: Forever 21
Grey V-neck: Target
Skinnies: Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: Toms

SOURCE of inspiration
My Striped Top: Old Navy Maternity
Scarf: Loft
Black Skinnies: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Target

And some outfits I put together myself...

Dress: Target
Scarf: Loft
Leggings: Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Hunters short

Scarf: H&M
Belt: H&M
Chambray Top: Thrifted
Leggings: Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Steve Madden

Top: LC Lauren Conrad
Black Skinnies: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Target

Cardigan: Target
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Boots: Macys

Tweed Jacket: Target
Top: Target Maternity
Skinnies: Old Navy Maternity
Flats: LC Lauren Conrad

Friday, December 20, 2013

High 5 for Friday

We had a great week! Love this time of year and having a little one only makes it that more special.

1. We stopped at Starbucks for some hot chocolates and went to one of the coolest streets in the area and saw Christmas lights. Rocco loved it!

2. I went and saw Best Man Holiday w/ my Mom. OMG! We loved it. We laughed, cried, laughed cried. Such a great movie. Totally worth the almost 15 year wait (it's as equal to The Best Man. Never seen it? Rent it!)

3.  Finally got around to sending out our Christmas cards. Totally lagged on it this year. 

4. Hubby and I watched Home Alone 2 during the week. Still love it after all these years. Totally remember going to see it in the theater w/ my Papi and little brother as a kid.

5. Rocco goes to the Daycare at my work and this week they had a little Christmas program for us workers and the Daycare kiddos. There was singing and a visit from Santa. Mr. Rocco sat on my lap the whole time and wanted nothing to so w/ the man in red. He is soo his Father's son. Shy and totally put off by strangers. Boo! Hoping it gets better next year. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

My first High Five for Friday link up! Here's my top 5 list from the past week...

1. Cuddles near the fire w/ my boy are the best.

2. Sunday morning waffles and hot chocolate (chocolate milk for Rocco) was a huge hit  and may become a weekly event 

3. Found the Hubs the most perfect Christmas gift ever and he is going to loose his shit come Christmas morning when he opens it. So excited to see his face!

4. We were able to check off some items off our Christmas Bucket List. Mickey's Christmas Carol has been a favorite of the Hubs since he was a little boy and seeing Rocco enjoy it just as much was the sweetest!

5. Someone had his first Rice Krispie Treat last night and he wasn't much of a fun. He had maybe two bites and was over it. That's ok, just means for for Mama Dada ;)

Hope you're all enjoying your Holidaya and have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season for Giving

I've gone back and fourth on what to get Rocco's "Teachers" at day care. These are the women I trust to watch over and teach my child a couple days a week and I wanted to show my appreciation for all that they do. He has 5 Teachers and then there are 2 Directors of the center. That makes 7 gifts!! What's a Mama on a budget to do?
I hit up Wal-Mart and found some cute tumblers that can hold both cold and hot drinks and filled them w/ candy.

I wanted to show his teachers that the gift was not only a, "thank you" from my husband and myself, but also from Rocco. So I had him color the gift bags and add some cute Christmas stickers too. This was something that took a few days to get done since he would only sit still long enough to decorate two bags at a time.

I spent a total of $45 on 7 gifts. Not bad, huh? I purchased the tumblers all from Wal-Mart as well as the candy, gift bags and stickers. 
Hope this helps anyone that is scrambling get something for their co-workers, kid's teacher or neighbor :)
Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Pajama Party Link Up!

 Linking up today with The Good Life Blog for the Christmas Pajama Party!!

For weeks I have been stressing over what photo to use for our family Christmas card. It's been really difficult getting Mr. Rocco to cooperate for a family photo for a few months now (aren't toddlers great? LOL) So last week we had an in home photo shoot. Nothing Fancy, just a lit fire, Christmas tree and Rocco dressed in the worlds cutest jammies I ever did see. I figured it'd be easier if the Hubs am I just worked as a team and focused on getting Rocco to smile and actually LOOK at the camera. Also, our family and friends are only interested in pictures of him anyway, right?! Ha!
So here are some of the shots we got.

yes, those are graham crackers. The only way to get him to sit still is when he's eating
The money shot

and NOW our flash decides to work

Merry Christmas to you and yours!