Monday, October 5, 2015

Whole 30: Day 15

It's day 15!! I'm at the halfway mark and I'm feeling great! I can also see changes in my face and the way my clothes fit. 
My biggest struggle has been figuring out nutrition for my long runs, but I think I've got it. 
I know it would be best to make it my self, but ain't no body got time for that. I will definitely continue to use these even after Whole 30 is over. The Energy Goos all make me nauseous after so I'm so happy to have found an alternative.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to eat out when on Whole30

Hi guys!!

So today is day 9!! I survived the weekend. We typically go out to eat for both lunch and dinner on the weekends. Crazy, I know!! It's expensive and so bad for us. This past weekend I went out for Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner only! 

For lunch we went to Jack's which I thought was the easiet option. I thought I'd go in, get a salad and add some grilled salmon to it. I decided to ask what they seasoned the salmon with and I was told spices, but the lovely girl taking my order offered to go the the recipe book. She comes back out with this HUGE burgundy binder and read it out loud to me. It was all good until the end... SUGAR!! So then I asked about the steak and the same. Another worker walked up and asked what we were doing, she then explained that grilled chicken would be my best bet since they only use pepper and salt. So this is what I had. Kinda boring and totally something I could have had at home. Good, but boring.

Dinner was Chipotle. My girlfriends wanted to take me out for my bday and typically we'd do sushi or Italian, but not while on Whole 30. I had done my research and knew Chipotle was an option. So I had a carnitas salad. I NEVER get carnitas. I'm a chicken or a barbacoa girl, but during my research I found out that they use soybean oil to cook both which is a no-no. I couldn't even add the fajitas veggies because they're cooked with it too. So this is what I went with.... Lettuce, (double) carnitas, mild salsa and guac. It was BOMB!! 
I'm feeling great, sleeping good, flatter tummy and I think my face even looks less puffy. I just miss bread and cheese, but it hasn't been too difficult. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Whole 30: Day 4

Breakfast: egg muffins and cuties
Lunch: grilled chicken, red potatoes, veggies and a plum 
Dinner: burger patty, salsa and avocado with baked sweet potato fries 

No food pics, but I have this gem for you guys... 

This made me laugh so hard! Jeff has become a label reader and isn't a fan of how much time consuming this whole thing is. He's still sticking it out despite having low energy and hunger pangs. 
I'm ok, I had a head ache on and off today but my energy level is great. I was bloated again the second half of the day. I went on a run again tonight and I was able to get through it and it helped a little.
I miss pizza. I ran by a pizza delivery guy and I got a huge craving for it. 26 more days....

Whole 30: Day 3

Breakfast: egg muffins, avocado and Cuties
Lunch: left over chicken tacos on lettuce "tortillas"
Dinner: grilled chicken, tons of broccoli and red potatoes!!! OMG it was so nice to have potatoes. This entire time I thought you couldn't have them and then my hubby found that they modified the program to add it. Yay!!  This is half a cup. 

So how do we feel? 
Day 3 left me really bloated. And then I went on a run and had to cut it short to go home and handle my business. TMI I know, but everyone poops, guys! ;) I was also craving cheese and carby snacks like chips and crackers. Especially when I sat down to unwind and watch some tv... I wanted to snack BAD!  
Jeff still isn't feeling good. He says he feels super tired and run down and has zero energy. He said he isn't going to make it a week let alone 30 days. I'm trying my best to encourage him, but he needs to do what's best for him. We'll see how long he lasts. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whole 30: Day 2

So it's day 2. I feel good. I had my 2 egg muffins and some cuties for breakfast. Lunch was left over burger patty with salsa and salad. BOMB!! I was a bit hungry today though so I did snack. I had an apple and banana. You're not really supposed to snack, but whatever! Hungry Sonia isn't pretty... Or nice!  And then dinner was shredded chicken on lettuce "tortillas" w/ salsa. Again, BOMB! I will admit I was really missing my real tortillas and BEANS!! Oh, and cheese too. 
I can do this!! I WILL do this! 

So Jeff isn't doing as well. He was super tired, grumpy and HANGRY most of the day. Hoping tomorrow is better.

Only 28 days to go... 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Whole 30: Day 1

I did some prepping yesterday. This week I'll have egg muffins (filled with fresh salsa) and avocado on the side for breakfast. Lunch is a salad and Chicken and dinner will be made fresh. Tonight dinner was a burger and sweet potato fries. It was AMAZING! I added salsa, 1 slice of bacon and had avocado on the side. Loved it!! I want to have it daily. 

Jeff even made his own mayo. He made a regular mayo and spicey version. Bomb!

I'm feeling pretty great. The hubs on the other hand... Not so good. He's tired, grumpy, and constantly hungry. I'm so proud of him for doing Whole 30 with me. I know we'll be able to keep each other accountable. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Whole 30

Starting Monday, September 21st I'll be saying goodbye to some of my favorite foods. No more sugary sweets, alcohol, beans, tortillas... I'm basically saying good-bye to all of my favorites in an attempt to get some medical issues under control. I've had bad allergies and sinus problems for as long as I can remember and I also have PCOS. I am hoping that Whole30 is just what I need to regulate my hormones and feel good again. My wonderful Hubby has agreed to join me in an attempt to kick his sweet tooth addiction and to support me.

Wish us luck!