Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crunch Time

So I have three days left before my race.  I'm not nervous, but I am eager for the day to be here and see what I can do. My goals for my last half marathon were to finish, not walk, and to do it under two hours and forty five minutes. I met all three of my goals and came in at two hours, forty minutes. Now that I know that I CAN do a half I want to try and shed five minutes off of my time.
To prep for the big day I have been trying to hydrate as much as possible through out the day, eating clean(er) foods, and rolling my legs out each night before bed with a foam roller (you can find the one I use here) Oh, and praying A LOT! 
Come back Monday to see how I did.

This is me. pre four mile run this evening

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