Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Goals

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month and is also a Monday. What better time to start fresh and set some goals?

Here are my goals for the month of April...

1. Meal prep and eat the meals that I prep
2. Commit to eating clean(ER)
3. Only eat out once a week
4. One cheat/free/not so strict meal a week
5. No soda (not even sips from the Hubby's weekly soda) or sweets
6. Be more present w/ my family. Less Facebook, Instagram, etc.
7. No shopping for myself this month (I went a tad crazy after the Jan. /Feb. shopping fast)
8. Roll out my legs more consistently
9. Water! Water! Water!
10. Start the Insanity program as soon as it arrives in the mail and stick to it!!

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