Thursday, September 24, 2015

Whole 30: Day 4

Breakfast: egg muffins and cuties
Lunch: grilled chicken, red potatoes, veggies and a plum 
Dinner: burger patty, salsa and avocado with baked sweet potato fries 

No food pics, but I have this gem for you guys... 

This made me laugh so hard! Jeff has become a label reader and isn't a fan of how much time consuming this whole thing is. He's still sticking it out despite having low energy and hunger pangs. 
I'm ok, I had a head ache on and off today but my energy level is great. I was bloated again the second half of the day. I went on a run again tonight and I was able to get through it and it helped a little.
I miss pizza. I ran by a pizza delivery guy and I got a huge craving for it. 26 more days....

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