Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to eat out when on Whole30

Hi guys!!

So today is day 9!! I survived the weekend. We typically go out to eat for both lunch and dinner on the weekends. Crazy, I know!! It's expensive and so bad for us. This past weekend I went out for Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner only! 

For lunch we went to Jack's which I thought was the easiet option. I thought I'd go in, get a salad and add some grilled salmon to it. I decided to ask what they seasoned the salmon with and I was told spices, but the lovely girl taking my order offered to go the the recipe book. She comes back out with this HUGE burgundy binder and read it out loud to me. It was all good until the end... SUGAR!! So then I asked about the steak and the same. Another worker walked up and asked what we were doing, she then explained that grilled chicken would be my best bet since they only use pepper and salt. So this is what I had. Kinda boring and totally something I could have had at home. Good, but boring.

Dinner was Chipotle. My girlfriends wanted to take me out for my bday and typically we'd do sushi or Italian, but not while on Whole 30. I had done my research and knew Chipotle was an option. So I had a carnitas salad. I NEVER get carnitas. I'm a chicken or a barbacoa girl, but during my research I found out that they use soybean oil to cook both which is a no-no. I couldn't even add the fajitas veggies because they're cooked with it too. So this is what I went with.... Lettuce, (double) carnitas, mild salsa and guac. It was BOMB!! 
I'm feeling great, sleeping good, flatter tummy and I think my face even looks less puffy. I just miss bread and cheese, but it hasn't been too difficult. 

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