Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Future Golfer (Trendy Tot Tuesday Link Up)

We had a fun, family day on Saturday. We drove an hour and a half to Jeff's Aunt's house and got in some pool time and a little golf with family.
It took Rocco a while to warm up to everyone. And by a while I mean two hours. He only wanted to be with his Mama which was kinda frustrating and embarrassing at the time. No one wants their kid to be the cry baby that screams the second anyone else tries to hold them or talk to them. Now that I  look back on the situation I realize that he was just scared of new people, a new place and a very large tub (swimming pool). Poor guy :(
Eventually he did warm up to everyone and was quite the little ham. He also found his way on to the putting green and had a blast trying to hit the ball into the hole.

Game Face

"Nice shot, Dad!"
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  1. Love his Mickey shirt :) Future golfer!

  2. Love his skeptical "game face." Did he fall asleep on the way there too? My kids always take longer to warm up to new people if they just woke up.