Monday, June 17, 2013

Three Months 'till 30!

So today marks exactly three months until I turn the big 3-0! I'm not dreading it at all, it's just a number. I do however, want to look as fab as possible. So time to kick things into high gear!
The past two months have been a constant back and fourth. I'd do great with my eating during the week and then as soon as the weekend hit everything would get thrown out the window. I'd indulge in too many sweet and drink one too many cocktails. Well, no more!
Last week I managed to keep my shit together for seven consecutive days and it paid off. I dropped four pounds. Hollaa!!! I know it has a lot, if not everything to do w/ not drinking soda and having only one mimosas during Father's day brunch. What ever the reason for the few pounds loss this was the boost I needed to regain control. I know it'll be tough w/ all the BBQ's and family gatherings, but I'm determined. This past weekend I managed to do well at our Father's day BBQ. I filled my plate with mostly salad and grilled veggies and very little red meat. I even had a tiny sliver of the best Strawberry shortcake. The key really is moderation! 
I'm going to try and blog more regularly to help keep myself accountable as well as post on Instagram (sonia917). Last Friday I posted my weekend goal to "keep it together" on Instagram and it totally worked.


  1. You can do it! Accountability and results are awesome motivation.

    1. Thanks Amber!! You're always so positive and encouraging. I SO appreciate it! XO